Thinking About a Ski Trip to France

I have started working on my vacation plans today. I am thinking about a trip to France and the Alpine ski slopes there or in one of the surrounding countries. A friend of mine was telling me about his trip there the other day. He went to a place called Vaujany which in the French terminology is called a commune. That is something that is left over from the days of the French Revolution I believe. It means that they all work together. He says that it is a good place if you have a family, because the slopes for beginners have a lot of good instructors and this a very quiet area. Of course if you are a single college age tourist you would not be looking for a place where there was peace and solitude. You would be looking for a place where there were lots of young women who were ready to drink, dance and have a great time.

This is a different matter, since I have a wife and two small children. The oldest is my son who is going to be eight by the time we leave for vacation and the younger is my daughter. She is going to be six in a week now, in fact we have planned a pretty big birthday party in the park for her. At any rate you have to think about what sort of vacation they would like and so we are thinking about going to one of the Disney Parks, which they have one in the area of Paris. So we are thinking that we should split up the vacation between ski trips and a trip to the amusement park. Of course both things are going to be pretty expensive and we are going to have to save a lot of money.