Started on a Part Time Job

This is not the sort of job that anyone would dream about, but of course I am working under a lot of constraints because I am studying full time at McGill and I have a heavy course load with classes both day and night during the week. So I wanted to find a job where I could get as many hours as possible on the weekend. I found something like that working for a place that rents party buses in Toronto. It is pretty obvious that they are not going to let a 19 year old guy walk in off of the street and drive these sorts of vehicles with no training. They have every sort of monstrous limousine, limo van and limo bus that you could imagine and none of them are really easy to drive. For one thing when you are going some place in a thirty five foot long stretch limo you need to think about whether or not you can get back out of any place you can get into.

My job is pretty simple, but I suppose it is pretty important. On the weekend all of these things are pretty much out on the job, usually they go out and they do not come back until it is a long time after midnight. When they get back I go to work cleaning them up for the next time they are hired. It is not like you can do this half of the way though. When you rent something like this, you are paying a lot of money for the night and you are not going to have low expectations for the cleanliness of it. You are going to expect that limo to look as though it was just finished that very night, or at least it is that clean.