Travel to Ukraine

About the county
Ukraine which is located in Eastern Europe is one of the largest country in that region of Europe bordering Russia in the northeast, Belarus in the north, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary in the west, Romania and Moldova in the southwest and also Black Sea and Sea of Azov in the south. It is a popular tourist destination especially for tourists from Western Europe and North America. The main selling point is the rich historical character of the country with as many five hundred cities dating back as early as nine hundred years. Visitors are spellbound by the architectural beauty of Ukraine. Kiev is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine where most travelers begin their journey.

Population & Languages

Ukraine has a population of roughly 46.7 million and the official language is Ukrainian. The other languages spoken here are Russian, Romanian, Polish and Hungarian.

Voltage – 220 volts, Frequency – 50Hz. Standard European Round pin attachment plug

Geographic Location
Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe bordering Russia in the northeast, Belarus in the north, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary in the west, Romania and Moldova in the southwest and also Black Sea and Sea of Azov in the south. The strategic location of Ukraine between Asia and Europe made it a transportation hub in the region.

Local Customs
Ukrainians are warm hearted and welcoming people. Casual dressing is mostly worn here though it will be a good idea to wear smartly for theatres. Small gifts are appreciated. Tipping is not very common; service is usually included in fine restaurants and hotel bills.

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Greece Attractions


The Greece is a place with strong historic and cultural background. There are different traditions and customs in different parts of the Greece. The throwing back of a hand is considered to be a negative gesture here in Greece. Casual dress can be worn most of the times. Smoking is prohibited in public transport services and public buildings. Tipping 12 to 1 percent is customary in restaurants, hotels and taxis.

* The Olympic Games in Athens (the spot of the historic 2004 Olympic Games)
* Mardi Grass Celebrations in February
* The Parthenon in Athens
* Skiing in Arahova Mountains between October and March
* Easter Celebrations
* Thessaloniki’s White Tower and country’s rich Byzantine culture
* The south of Corinth
* The beaches in Lesvos
* The wine vineyards in the countryside
* The islands near the Aegean Sea
* The wildlife preserve in Alonissos (Sporades Marine Park)
* The famous, Moni Panagia Chozoviotissa, a Byzantine monastery in Amorgos

Loans for people with bad credit history


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Travel Tips to Belgium

About the Country

Belgium is situated in the west of Europe. The land here mostly comprises of flat coastal plains in the northeast, and southeast is occupied by the Ardennes Forest. Dutch, Flemish, French and German are the official languages of Belgium, with Dutch being the widely spoken followed by French. The weather here is pretty predictable. Months from April to September are the warmest. Otherwise the weather is pretty humid and skies are gray, that explains why umbrellas and raincoats are a part of the dressing. So, if the visit is planned for holidays during the rainy season, one must not forget to carry sufficient cover for maximum protection, as this is a coastal region. In case of emergency call 100 or 112.


Belgians are English-friendly and will make every attempt to speak in English with a foreigner. Always remember to carry a small gift or at least flowers especially when invited over dinner. The dress to wear will be mentioned in the invitation, when invited for a party. Smoking in public is acceptable.

Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Ostend, Namur, Mons, Liège, Ghent and Mechelen are the main shopping centers. Belgium is famous for ceramics and hand-beaten copperware from Dinant, laces from Bruges, crystals from Val Saint Lambert, woodcarvings from Spa and Belgium’s finest chocolates. In jewelry, diamonds from Antwerp are on high demand.

Eating Out
The specialty of most of the restaurants is horse and rabbit meat dishes. Although visitors can find a wide range of ethnic foods, but the most famous are frites and mayonnaise and mitraillette; mitraillette is a large bun filled with fries, donair meat and garlic sauce, the vegetarians can ask for a veg. substitute for the donair meat. While eating at a restaurant, tipping is considered customary along with the value-added tax. At the cinemas, leave a €0.50 tip for the attendant and €0.25 after using the public toilets.

Spending Christmas at a 5 Star Hotel

Christmas at a Five Star Hotel

Many done??t realize that, even if you have got children, you can spend Christmas at a 5 star hotel, as long as you do a little planning ahead of time. The first thing to choose is what 5 star hotel youâ??d like to stay at. Most 5 star hotelâ??s in the north can get pretty busy during the holiday season, while many 5 star hotelâ??s further down south, and in the Caribbean, are a bit slower, so if youâ??re planning to go to a snowy area 5 star hotel for Christmas, make sure you book well ahead of time.

Next, figure out if youâ??re going to open your Christmas presents at the 5 star hotel or when youâ??re at home. If youâ??ve got large presents, it is often much less expensive to open your presents at home rather than to ship them to a 5 star hotel. If youâ??re determined to keep the surprise a surprise, you can take pictures of the present that you are giving the other person and can wrap the photo, or put it in an envelope, and can give it to your partner on Christmas morning at the 5 star hotel. That will allow you to keep the surprise without having to spend a fortune shipping a large present to the 5 star hotel.

The Guilt

Some people feel really guilty about traveling to a 5 star hotel on Christmas instead of staying with family and friends. Donâ??t! Instead of feeling guilty, figure out how you can enjoy the time with your family and friends when youâ??re at home. Spend more time with them before Christmas and before you go to a 5 star hotel, or maybe you will want to invite them to the 5 star hotel with you to have your family party in a luxurious setting and a 5 star hotel, rather than having it at Uncle Alâ??s house once again.

No matter what you decide, make sure that you decide to include everyone in your planning. Let your family know sooner, rather than later, that you plan on going to a 5 star hotel for the holiday, and get your shopping done early, before you go to the 5 star hotel. If youâ??re looking for a more traditional Christmas, including having a tree, ask the hotel concierge at the 5 star hotel if they can bring in a tree for Christmas morning, and if they can have it decorated for you. A little planning and a few questions early on allow you to have a wonderful holiday season at a 5 star hotel; one that you may not have thought you would have before you traveled to a 5 star hotel.

A guide to Top 5 Luxury Beach Resorts in Dubai


It is during this time of the year that most of the people are longing to go out on a holiday, while it is very difficult to take the common consensus of the family to decide on one place from so many available, deciding one amongst the luxury beach hotels is still a little easier. If you are looking for a beach vacation, Dubai provides the best beach vacations with its luxury beach resorts. Here is a look at the five best luxury beach resorts of the city.

Mina A’ Salam: The Mina is built around 2 miles of Venetian style waterways; it aims to combine Dubai’s modern day opulence with its traditional architecture. This Dubai top beach resorts is made of sand colored buildings making it look striking from the outside and palatial from the inside. There are 292 rooms in the resort with each room being a sea facing room. The rooms have been made in keeping the Arabian theme, for instance, the doors are studded heavily with ornate lanterns, the high piled exotic dark blue beds and red and gold fabrics, all this and much more make this resort one of the top beach resorts of Dubai.

Le Royal Meridien: Located on a pristine stretch of private beach, this Dubai luxury beach hotel has a stunning view of the Arabian Gulf. The luxury hotels beach overlooks the famous Jumeirah beach and is set amidst landscaped gardens. In all the rooms of the hotel, there are bowls of water with rose petals floating over them. In fact, on the February 13, the bathrooms and bedrooms bloom much more than a florist. This is the typical opulence of the luxury beach resort and is perfect for an indulgently romantic best beach vacation.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel: The shape of the building is wave-shaped which is directly opposite to the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab building standing opposite the sea. A fantastic Dubai beach holiday, Wild Wadi Water Park is just next to the luxury beach resort with all the guests having unlimited access to the park. The Jumeirah luxury hotels beach is the ninth tallest building in Dubai and remains a landmark in the city.

Le Meridien Mina Seyahi: Set on the Jumeirah Beach, the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort is opposite to the Emirates Golf Club and Montgomery Golf Course. It is a boutique style luxury beach resort. It is one of the best luxury beach resorts in Dubai as it is very near to the tourist destinations like the Dubai Museum, Gold and Spice Souks. The resort has more beaches than any other resort of Dubai and also promises a lot of water sports for a best beach vacation.

Burj Al Arab: The best beach resort, 321 meters, the tallest building of Dubai is being used as exclusively as a best beach resorts. The top beach resort is situated on an artificial island which is 280 meters away from the coast, connected to the mainland with a private bridge. It is designed in the shape of sail of boat depicting the urban class of Dubai.


Travel In Style & Comfort


Who doesn’t love to travel? Of course we all do even though our choices, priorities, passions and professions may differ. Some people love to relax on the beach while others like to tread the mountain heights. Whatever is your choice of destination, the excitement and joy of experiencing a new place is unparalleled. But the thing most people dread about travel is packing and managing the luggage. It is quite a tedious and boring task to pack your stuff and carry it around.

You can deal with this problem by picking out the right kind of travel bag for yourself. The most popular and widely used travel bag is the backpack. It is a hot favorite with students and frequent travelers. A backpack is an ideal travel utility item for all kinds of people, situations and destinations. It is definitely a must have for anyone and everyone. The best travel backpacks are the ones that are lightweight and have more comfortable features than other bag options. Most shops have fitting sizes so you can pick out a backpack that fits your body type. Try out a few different styles to find out what suits you best in terms of comfort and look. Also, check out the overall capacity of the bag. You will find a variety of backpack sizes, colors and designs depending on your requirements. You can find backpacks with detachable daypack, wheels, extra pockets, handles and other features as well.

If there is too much luggage, you can also buy a nice duffle bag. Women tend to require certain indispensable items that must be always kept handy. Therefore it is important that the ladies buy themselves a nice handbag to keep their make-up, handkerchiefs, travel documents etc. Without going into the debate of crochet vs. knitting bags we can safely say that the ladies will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the material for their handbag.