Educating World Travelers on Getting Quality Everything No Matter Where You Go

I travel with different employees from our company. I work in the field, and there are usually suits along to monitor my progress. I work in natural resource exploration around the world. I have always been surprised by how lacks my fellow workers are in picking cabs at the airport. I have been on some terrible rides to hotels and to work sites. When traveling to Spain a few months ago, an executive was getting into a cab when I came out with my luggage. I pulled him out of it and got into a MyTaxiMadrid cab instead. All their cabs are air conditioned and they have drivers that speak English. This is a company that provides child seats if you have children along. That is a marker of a good cab company.

I work in the field under some rough conditions, and I like the rest of my trip to be comfortable. I am not into getting the local experience unless it tastes good, feels good and is relaxing. My fellow workers are always in a hurry, and it causes them to just jump into things in other countries thinking it will be like it is back home. I have been around to a lot of different places, and I pick and chose service providers from hotels to restaurants and cab companies I use to get around.

The management and executives that go with me on a second trip ask me where to go and what to do. The ones coming along for the first time just need a little traveler’s education. I make sure we have a nice hotel, that we eat where the food is safe and delicious and that we have a comfortable and safe ride no matter where we are in the world. You can find quality everywhere. You just need to know where to look.