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5 Reasons Lord Howe Island Should Be Your Next Destination


The earth is such an amazing planet. Through billions of years, it has made up some of the finest natural spots and destinations without the need for advanced equipment and technology. If you want to experience and see how breathtaking these places are, then you better book the very first trip to Lord Howe Island.


Located in between New Zealand and mainland Australia, this island has been a very popular tourist destination. However, there are some people who just cannot understand what makes it a great place to stay in. If you are one of these people, then here are five reasons you should pick this island as your next vacation destination:


  1. Magnificent beach – At 10 kilometers, Lord Howe Island is rather small compared to other top destinations around the world. However, a large percentage of this area can be reached and checked out by tourists. Aside from the beach, this island also has plains, hills and mountains to keep your eyes full.
  2. Lots of things to do – If you are the type of tourist who loves taking part in activities, this island is made just for you. Whether you love water or land activities, you will surely have your hands full in this island. Some of the popular activities include surfing, diving, fishing, trekking, hiking, bird watching and playing golf.
  3. Warm community – Lord Howe is only composed of a few dozen families, whose histories trace back to more than a century ago. Because of the small number of permanent residents, almost everyone knows everyone else.
  4. Affordable rates – Compared to other tourist attractions, the resorts in this island are run by families, not private owners. This makes services, amenities and accommodation packages significantly lower in price.
  5. Protected environment – A few decades back, Lord Howe and some areas nearby were declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. This means that this particular region would be protected from any illegal activities which seek to exploit natural resources and products.


As you can see, these reasons will surely be enough for you to book a flight to this lovely island. In case you are still having second thoughts, you may read some travel blogs and articles to know more about the island, as well as the small community living in it.


If you have already decided that you want to pay this island a visit, then make sure you make the necessary preparations. Remember that you are planning a vacation, not just a one-day trip. You will not be able to fully appreciate the beauty of Lord Howe Island if this was the case. In addition, you should also make sure to pick the best resort in the area.


Fortunately, the Internet is only within your reach. By reading references found on the Web, you would be able to differentiate which resort is the best choice. Of course there are some features which you would consider such as the amenities, quality of accommodation, and other additional services.