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Educating World Travelers on Getting Quality Everything No Matter Where You Go

I travel with different employees from our company. I work in the field, and there are usually suits along to monitor my progress. I work in natural resource exploration around the world. I have always been surprised by how lacks my fellow workers are in picking cabs at the airport. I have been on some terrible rides to hotels and to work sites. When traveling to Spain a few months ago, an executive was getting into a cab when I came out with my luggage. I pulled him out of it and got into a MyTaxiMadrid cab instead. All their cabs are air conditioned and they have drivers that speak English. This is a company that provides child seats if you have children along. That is a marker of a good cab company. (more…)

Started on a Part Time Job

This is not the sort of job that anyone would dream about, but of course I am working under a lot of constraints because I am studying full time at McGill and I have a heavy course load with classes both day and night during the week. So I wanted to find a job where I could get as many hours as possible on the weekend. I found something like that working for a place that rents party buses in Toronto. It is pretty obvious that they are not going to let a 19 year old guy walk in off of the street and drive these sorts of vehicles with no training. (more…)

Going to a Concert in Style

Looking for a party bus or limo was so easy when I went online and did a Google search for diamond party bus in Toronto. My favorite Singer is Beyonce and I had seen where she was going to have a concert in Toronto and I knew that would be such a awesome concert I had to get tickets for me and my friends. After getting the tickets I thought the best way to go to the concert would be on a party limo. That way we would not have to worry about parking or anything, and then before the concert we could go to dinner and then after we could hit the clubs.

So I was able to talk to six of my girlfriends into going in with me on the cost of the party limo, and that way the cost will be so more affordable. As a gift to my friends I decided to buy the tickets, I told them it was their Christmas gift. This totally motivated them into paying for the party limo.

Thanks to Google and your website being highly ranked I found your website easily. I did look at other sites first, but they were a little generic and didn’t want to commit to anything as far as price and that made me nervous. Also the great reviews left from former customers really gave me a great perspective of what our party limo would be like. The night of the concert I was so excited because I have never seen Beyonce in concert and also because riding in style of a party limo was also going to be great. Our first stop was dinner, and it was delicious. Parking at my favorite restaurant can always be a little difficult, but thanks to the limo it was no issue. The Concert was amazing and then the after party at the bar was great too. Thanks to your Limo service we had the time of our lives.

Thinking About a Ski Trip to France

I have started working on my vacation plans today. I am thinking about a trip to France and the Alpine ski slopes there or in one of the surrounding countries. A friend of mine was telling me about his trip there the other day. He went to a place called Vaujany which in the French terminology is called a commune. That is something that is left over from the days of the French Revolution I believe. It means that they all work together. He says that it is a good place if you have a family, because the slopes for beginners have a lot of good instructors and this a very quiet area. Of course if you are a single college age tourist you would not be looking for a place where there was peace and solitude. You would be looking for a place where there were lots of young women who were ready to drink, dance and have a great time.

This is a different matter, since I have a wife and two small children. (more…)

We Love Satellite Service in Our New Country Living Lifestyle

When I moved out to the country, I did so because I wanted to live a life that is a less slower and peaceful. I have lived in a fast-paced, big city for most of my life. I wanted beautiful scenery, wildlife and friendly people. But I did not realize that many cable companies don’t offer service to rural areas. So, when I found and learned that I may be able to get service, I called immediately to find out more.

Satellite TV is when a company sets your home up to receive TV signals from a satellite. It beams right into the wireless router that they set you up with at no extra cost. And that same router also works as a recording device so that you can save/record your shows to watch at a later time, as many times as you want. (more…)